If you decide to investigate leasing arrangements, please scrutinize several issues so that you have comparable information and protect your interests. We assume you are aware of many of these points, but would hope you would consider all of them in the selection process.
1. What type of lease is being offered? A full-service lease, the one we offer, incorporates all maintenance of the premises such as lighting, landscaping, snow plowing, common area maintenance, and five-day a week janitorial. Although we are not obligated by lease terms to clean and spot the carpeting, we do so on a regular basis.
2. Are there any other costs associated with the lease aside from the quoted price per square foot, such as annual operating expense (CAM) and real estate pass-through expenses? You have none in your current lease with us. If we had allowed for this, there would have been a $1.25 – $2.35 per square foot additional charge, depending upon which items were included. As you can imagine, this results in disputes, requiring more staff time to audit the landlord’s books to insure fair treatment.
3. Is the property management responsive? Stop by and speak with tenants at the property. Are comments positive? Does the management respond to problems and maintenance issues promptly? Are they accessible and return telephone calls? Our record speaks for itself. We have had many former tenants comment on our responsiveness, something they sorely miss at their new premises. We even have had former tenants re-lease from us because of the outstanding service.
4. Is the owner of the property financially stable? We own the building free of any mortgage and are prepared to weather the tough, cyclical real estate climates, without sacrificing services or maintenance. This is rare in this day of impersonal conglomerate real estate holdings that frequently shift ownership and management, where the bottom line is paramount, regardless of the impact upon tenancy.
5. Is the property well maintained? Check out the public bathrooms. Is the landscaping orderly? Ask tenants how the janitorial cleaning. In fact, make certain the level of service is the same. We provide five-day a week service, twice weekly vacuuming, weekly dusting, and nightly trash removal.
6. Extended Building Hours. The Ruder Building has extended hours of operation until 8:00 PM Monday through Friday and until 5:00 PM on Saturdays. The Premier Building hours are until 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and until 5:00 PM on Saturdays.
7. Ask about the HVAC. We have a strong record of addressing HVAC issues. We strive to maintain an operating temperature of between 70 to 74 degrees. New units were installed in 2009 incorporating the most recent comfort technology in monitoring and controls.
8.  Ask about Building Security. The Premier and Ruder Buildings have monitored security cameras on all exterior entrances. Both properties have individual access code entry after normal operating hours. All tenant doors have commercial Schlage locks and deadbolts installed on solid-core main entry doors.
9.  Is there adequate parking? Is the parking lot well lit? How far must you park from the building entrance? The building has an abundance of parking literally at the front door for tenants and their guests.
10.  What are the possibilities for incremental expansion? We can usually accommodate needs for expansion in manageable square footage increments. Our buildings are unique in this regards. Ask what the smallest contiguous expansion would be at any property you are investigating. It would unlikely be less than 1,000 square feet, and often 2,500 square feet.
11.  Conference Room Availability. Our properties offer a Conference Room at no cost. The value of this facility is thousands of dollars in rent if you would have incorporated a similar room within your current space.
12.  Location. Both of our buildings are centrally located for ease of access. Directions are simple to convey to the site. Bus lines are adjacent to the property.